My Heart. My Soul.

The people that you see here hold my heart. They are the reason that I picked up a camera on day one, and the reason that I pick up a camera each and every day since.

You see, the moments that I document of them are also for them. They may not want to have a camera in their face every day, but I know something that they do not yet understand. One day, they will sit down with a pile of photographs and laugh until they cry, ask questions about the time documented, and remember pieces of their childhoods that faded from their memories. They will hold photographs of their parents, and their grandparents. Cousins, pets, and even favorite toys. More than anything, I want them to look back and see my love for them. I want them to see the beauty that I saw; in them, in our life, in the world. This is our story. It's my very own crazyBEAUTIFUL.

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