Documentary Lifestyle Session (Sweet Mom and Son) – Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer

It is no secret that capturing everyday details is a passion of mine and I did just that in this documentary lifestyle session. I spent time with this gorgeous mama and her youngest son to mark this moment in their lives. Mom is a busy doctor and an incredibly talented photographer and we share similar views in how we view the world and its details. 

I took a slightly different approach during this session and set out to truly document them as they are. We talked a lot while I was there about the need to document real life along with the perfect moments and as a result, I have being doing just that with my own children. I enjoyed this experience more than I can say and look forward to doing it more often. 

It’s not often that I get to shoot at the home of another photographer… and the best part of that is that we get to try out each other’s gear! How fun is that?!

Young Boy Eating BreakfastBoy doing Crafts-Lifestyle SessionBoy and his mom doing crafts together.Boy and his mom laughing together.Boy and his mom playing Wii together.Boy in pretty light playing video game.

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