CONTEMPORARY SCHOOL PORTRAITS: A fresh, fun take on an old classic.

Watching our children grow, year after year, is an incredible thing to witness. To see them transform before our own eyes, to watch them grow from toddlerhood to childhood, from children to young adults, it's something we never want to forget. School Portraits have been around for many years, and have been a time honored tradition in documenting this growth, however, not much about the portrait style has changed through the generations. What if School Portraits could be FUN? What if they could be a true representation of who our children are in the here and now? From my own desire to capture childhood simply, and honestly, the "Beautifully Simple" brand was born. 

What is it? It's simple. Solid backdrops, beautiful light, honest expressions. Taking away the distractions of everything but the child(ren), and who they are. It's fresh, and fun. It's modern, and simple.

Who is it for? For the 2016-2017 school year, "Beautifully Simple: Schools" will be available for preschools, daycares, and homeschool groups in Raleigh, Durham, Hillsborough, and surrounding areas. 

What is the process? Whether you're a parent who loves the idea, or a school ready to make a change, the first step is to get in touch! The calendar for Spring Portraits will open on November 1, 2016. We will set up a time for a consultation to go over the details, and to determine if this would be a good fit for your school or organization. 

The experience? Spending a few minutes with each child, my goal is to capture pieces of their personality that are a true representation of who they are. Parents will receive 2-3 images of each child, and sibling portraits if requested, in a private online gallery. That's right, no more forms, it's all online! From there, they will have the option to order print packages, or digital images. The purchases will be delivered to the school for distribution. 

I didn't create this concept, but it's one I am proud to bring to the area. As a mother myself, I know how important it is to document every age, and I am confident that simplifying how school portraits are shot is something that parents will fall in love with. If you're ready to chat about how we can work together to offer something fun and different to the students and parents at your school, use the contact form by CLICKING HERE, and we will set up a time to talk. I look forward to hearing from you!

"Beautifully Simple" is a brand extention of Brittany Blake Photography.
The concept was born out of a love for simplicity, and capturing childhood {and life} in a beautiful, authentic way.